My Adventure With Dentures

Getting old isn’t always fun. This is especially true when you start losing your teeth. I haven’t had this pleasure yet, but my parents have. Both of them have had the experience of getting dentures. This in and of itself wasn’t very fun for them. In the end though, it has worked out for the best. There are a few caveats though to this.

The biggest thing is that they sometimes feel lose. Even if you get a very accurate mold, there is always going to be some margin of error. This is where denture adhesives come into play. They will secure the dentures for several days and stop that lose feeling that you get throughout the day.

There are several options out there. The biggest concern to my parents was zinc. There have been several studies out there that have linked zinc to hazardous effects to your health. Because of this, we chose Poligrip to try and have had success. It has been very effective for keeping things in place for several days at a time.

This may not be for you though. The biggest thing is to get a product that you are most comfortable with applying. The main types we saw were powder and paste. Most people typically get paste, but you may prefer the powder. The paste however just seems easier to put on. I would think that powder would also make more than a mess which would lead to more clean up on your part.

Whatever you chose, make sure you check consumer reviews of each product. Zinc is getting a lot of flack, so make sure you check the ingredients of everything to make sure that what you are looking at doesn’t contain anything bad. Typically, you aren’t going to have many issues, so pick your favorite and be sure to enjoy a solid, non-moving smile!